Is My Son/Daughter Good Enough To Attend The BSA?

If your child enjoys skiing fast and is competitive the answer is YES. We attract many of the best young racers in the UK and also provide the first experience of racing for trainees aged 11 and under. These young students will ideally have skied frequently with families, done well at ski school and have a real zest for skiing fast as well as being good at other sports. Students aged 15 and over would already be known ski racers who can be assessed by their race record. You can imagine a scale between these criteria for students aged between 11 and 14.

Ideally we will meet potential students and assess their ability before either party has to make a commitment. This can be done at artificial slopes in Britain or summer/October snow camps, or on taster days in Aosta during the winter. If this is not practicable then we can make a judgement on available information. 9 times out of 10, if people contact us, their children will be suitable.

What If We Belong To Another Ski Club?

We find no conflict of interests for the racer. If the BSA is to be your main contact with the sport you are welcome to nominate BSA as your club for races, or your local club depending on your allegiances. You can nominate 2 clubs when registering as a racer (see below) and we support members of all the established clubs. If you would like further advice about ski race clubs please ask.

What Is “Registering As A Racer”?

To take part in an organised ski race a competitor should have a national start licence. This is issued by the English, Welsh or Scottish Ski Councils. Registered racers are listed on a seed points list. Minis (under 11) are not eligible for seed points, but it is useful to register anyway. See below

What About Insurance?

Each student must have personal medical insurance cover, which includes ski racing and race training. For the formal (BASS) races "Alpine Ski Racing Insurance" is required. If you are not a member of a home nation snowsport organisation (Snowsport England, Scotland or Wales) the insurance must also provide cover for third party liability.

It is up to the individual to ensure that the insurance they have provides cover in the event that they travel to a country to train against FCDO advice.

We strongly recommend that the insurance purchased covers for all eventualities that may arise (e.g. quarantine, isolation, delayed or cancelled travel arrangements, hospitalisations, medication, cancellation etc.) as a result of COVID19 or any other Pandemic/Epidemic or illness.

We are not able to provide a recommendation for an insurance provider, however examples are Sportscoverdirect and BlueFin available through SnowsportEngland.

What about the 90 day rule for non EU/Schengen residents?

The Commune de Chambery are kindly arranging 30 day Schengen visa extensions for our long stay athletes. Contact

What Clothing And Equipment Will We Need To Bring?

Ski, fitness and casual. If you are in any doubt please speak to us. BSA branded items are not compulsory but options are available. We can always buy something a student needs and recover the cost later.

BSA equipment and clothing list

What Documents Must We Provide?

Passport - with at least 6 months left to run if it is a UK passport.
Insurance - or a copy of insurance documents or details or provider, policy number and contact information.
Registration Form - all pages completed, with parental signatures.
GHIC card - This replaces the pre Brexit EHIC card and provides limited medical cover in some EU countries.

Travel Restrictions
Whilst BSA admin will strive to provide the information needed with regards to testing and any paperwork required by the host country, transit countries, airlines etc., it remains the responsibility of the parents and (or athletes if they are 18 or over), to ensure that they have all the necessary documentation and have fulfilled any requirements (testing etc.) to travel. Testing will be carried out as required by the host country and charged back to the parents.

What About Pocket Money?

The BSA can hold pocket money for safekeeping and issue according to instructions. We do not recommend students hold large sums of money themselves.

What About Phones?

Students can always have access to a phone if they need it. Mobiles are only restricted to reasonable use, e.g. not during lessons, late at night.

What about Electronic Devices

Children are allowed to bring their own electronic devices but BSA cannot be responsible for their safekeeping. The devices/software/games etc. should be age appropriate and use is restricted to reasonable use e.g. not during school, late at night etc.

What does my child need for school

Your child will need to bring relevant school books and worksheets etc. They will also need a laptop that will allow access to online learning systems, and should include access to a camera function.

Registering as a Racer

BASS - British Alpine Seeding System

To take part in an organised ski race, a competitor should have a national start licence. This is issued by one of the Home Nation Governing Bodies (, or ). Minis (under 12) are not eligible for seed points, but it is useful to register anyway. provides a race calendar as well as the latest seed list and information with regards to equipment regulations etc.

FIS (age 16 plus)

FIS Licence Applications are made through GB Snowsport ( . Membership of a Home Nation is required as part of the licence qualification process.

Snowsport Scotland 0131 625 4405
Snowsport England 0150 923 2323
Snowsport Wales 0292 056 1904

Registration takes time so please register well before your first race of the season, and remember to re-register each year – you will be prompted to do this by the registering authority.

Who Organises Race Entries

It is the parent's responsibility to organise race entry to Children's races.

It is the parent's responsibility to organise race entry to British run FIS races.

Coaches will organise entry to foreign run FIS races. This may in turn have a charge levied by GB Snowsports that will be sent to the parents at the end of the season.

Who Are The WSF?

The Winter Sports Foundation creates Bespoke Funds for competitors on the basis that they are eligible for grant aid under the WSF Memorandum and Articles of Association. Easy to talk to and helpful, contact them at:


As an affiliated organisation to Snowsport Scotland, our policies are taken from their template, except for the BSA Athlete's Code of Conduct which is specific to our organisation. These can be found on the 'About Us' tab.