Life at the academy revolves around the sports programme and tutorials but there is much more to be gained from the experience. We aim for each racer to have a really enjoyable stay and a valuable taste of life on the ski circuit and in the Alps.

The students learn to be well organised. They breathe the culture and geography of the mountains and work together in peer groups with a healthy team spirit. We travel to races and other attractions in the Valais region.

Our team of housemothers have overall responsibility for pastoral care. Ensuring the well-being of the students, also supervising bedtimes, rooming, pocket money disbursements and laundry.

Full medical insurance with cover for ski racing is mandatory. (Insurance for travel, loss of or damage to property and cancellation is also advised.) Minor ailments and first aid are dealt with in house. Local medical services are accessed where necessary. The Application form authorises the academy to act in loco parentis in the case of an emergency, although every effort would be made to contact the parents in such a situation. Medical costs incurred are recoverable from parents’ insurance.


Meals are excellent. The hotel caters to the needs of our energetic young British athletes and any special dietary requirements. Careful note is taken of specific needs and parents are encouraged to contact the pastoral team if they have any particular concerns.


The Academy's Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure are available under the 'About Us' tab along with our policies. House Rules will be specific to the residential location at the time and should be considered as part of the Code of Conduct. By completing and submitting a Registration Form, both parent and child (or athlete if 18 or over) have agreed to abide by them.