From January through to the start of the British Championships we operate a tutorial system that ensures trainees return to their UK schools up to date with their classwork. In fact, many students return ahead in their studies.

A student/tutor ratio of 6:1 ensures an exceptional level of individual attention. BSA tutors are experienced mainstream teachers. They are able to meet the needs of children with common learning difficulties as well as stretching more able students. The Senior Tutor oversees all the divisions of the academic programme.

A flexible timetable of six three-hour tutorial sessions per week provides study at key stages 2 to 4, GCSEs, Standard and Higher grades. "...the greatest credit for all this achievement after James' personal effort has got to be down to the BSA... We were at first a little dubious about letting him stay out of school for so long - and so was his college. However, his exceptional performance at AS level in Maths and Physics exams this year can only be down to the level of tutoring that was provided at the BSA whilst he was there, in addition to his dramatic improvement in ski performance..."
Andrew, father of James Foster, 2 years with the BSA and recently selected to the England Ski Team.

The work each student has to cover is arranged well in advance through contact between Penny McLennan, our education liaison officer, and the student's school. This liaison, which is crucial to the success of the programme, is continued through the winter via phone and e-mail in order to solve problems and monitor the student's progress.

Students provide their own text and exercise books and are expected to complete their work to a high standard. A full report is made by the tutorial staff on a half-termly basis. Summary reports are made for students attending the British Ski Academy for short periods.
For information about the academic programme and liaison please contact Penny McLennan at

Academic studies are as important to the programme as the ski training

Our thanks go to all the UK teachers, and headteachers whose co-operation makes it possible for the BSA to act as a satellite while their students spend time in the Alps training and competing in their chosen sport.