Bookings are not being taken for this event - please contact us if you have any questions

Unfortunately, this event is cancelled following the closure of the Pila ski resort. Please refer to GBSKI.COM for more information

Organised by BSA in PILA, Italy.

Sunday 15 March
Gate training in PILA supervised by BSA

Provisional race schedule:

Monday 16 March
U10/U12 Giant Slalom BASS Girls Slalom BASS Boys Giant Slalom

Tuesday 17 March
U10/U12 Stubby Slalom BASS Girls Giant Slalom BASS Boys Slalom

(BASS = U14 through to U21)

This competition is a challenge to Schools in Britain* to compete for the Artemis Champion School Cup. Juniors, Children and U12/U10 can take part, and the points system ensures that they all compete against each other. The races are open to individual entrants and are run under British competition rules in order to qualify for British Alpine Seeding System (BASS) national seedpoints.
ISSC Preliminary Information

Non BASS Registered racers Athlete Declarations are confirmed with online entry. Entrants that are not a member of a snowsport home nation (Snowsportengland, Snowsportscotland or Snowsportwales) must have alpine ski race insurance that provides cover for third party liability. If you wish us to invoice you for the entry fee and make payment by bank transfer, please email with your entry details.For entries that have not been made online, an Athlete's Declaration will need to be completed for each participant and emailed to Contact Us: Athlete's Declaration Form

*In the event that an internationally based school finishes ahead of all the British based schools in the results table then they will be awarded an international trophy. Medals will also be awarded to International competitiors in each age category.

Entry deadline 24 February 2020
Late entries will be considered, please email UK office on

Entry Fees are non-refundable if you decide to cancel.

Insurance Links

Competitors require full, "Alpine Ski Racing Insurance" for the days of the competition. We cannot recommend a provider, but the following are an example:
MPI Brokers

Race Photographers

Matt Birch Pictures
Racer Ready

Category Price
U10 £100.00
U12 £100.00
U14 £100.00
U16 £100.00
U18 £100.00
U21 £100.00

Date Race Category Gender Participants
16 March 2020 U10 Giant Slalom U10 F/M 60
16 March 2020 U12 Giant Slalom U12 F/M 120
16 March 2020 U14 Boys BASS GS U14 M 80
16 March 2020 U14 Girls BASS Slalom U14 F 70
16 March 2020 U16 Boys BASS GS U16 M 60
16 March 2020 U16 Girls BASS Slalom U16 F 50
16 March 2020 U18 Boys BASS GS U18 M 40
16 March 2020 U18 Girls BASS Slalom U18 F 30
16 March 2020 U21 Boys BASS GS U21 M 20
16 March 2020 U21 Girls BASS Slalom U21 F 20
17 March 2020 U10 Stubby Slalom U10 F/M 60
17 March 2020 U12 Stubby Slalom U12 F/M 120
17 March 2020 U14 Boys BASS Slalom U14 M 80
17 March 2020 U14 Girls BASS GS U14 F 70
17 March 2020 U16 Boys BASS Slalom U16 M 60
17 March 2020 U16 Girls BASS GS U16 F 50
17 March 2020 U18 Boys BASS Slalom U18 M 40
17 March 2020 U18 Girls BASS GS U18 F 30
17 March 2020 U21 Boys BASS Slalom U21 M 20
17 March 2020 U21 Girls BASS GS U21 F 20

Search for a racer using their name or BASS registration number, or use the button below to add a non-BASS registered racer.

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